Boone’s Not What It Used To Be

Flavored Fruit Wine BeverageLast week I felt like drinking something cold and refreshing, and it is that some days my body craves for different elements in a way that I’ve called “give your body what it’s asking for” I was walking on the liquor aisle of the supermarket in town, and I saw Boone’s, flavoured fruit wine beverage with sparkles. This has been the “wine” of the poor for many years in Ecuador, where my husband and I currently live. A representative and faux-wine drink for any occasion in many homes. Boone’s is always present on ecuadorians’ table as Wine is in many other cultures, that is real wine of course!.

Anyways, Boone’s when I drank it the first time, I must have been 18 years old, starting college and always on budget, young people would gather together in wherever corner out of the campus, and start collecting change to being able to make it for a bottle or two if the friends group would get bigger than 5. Due to its relatively low alcoholic content: 6.5% ABV (13 proof) it was easy to vanish “a bottle” in one gulp, while typical youngster conversing about grades, loves, and future with the only objective of having a nice time during the after-class on fridays mostly.

I remember it was flavory, and sparky, a precise type of ladies’ drink, since most of the guys would go for the beer anyways. As I enjoyed my memories of Boone’s were pleasant. However many many years after I can not believe that this was in a way my favorite drink in those crazy times. Now it tastes like nothing, and makes me wonder… what did I taste on it that it made me feel good while drinking it….?

I guess the combination of future uncertainty with mostly non-sense type of conversations surrounded by “the friends” to be cool, to be popular, to be someone those times together with the thirsty desire of getting that buzz in oneself’s soul that would give you that courage to ask a guy or girl out or getting a date for saturday’s night big party.

Boone’s is now what it used to be anymore though, or is it that life is not what it used to be anymore?

Have you ever felt that things, places, and even people were so different in a relatively happy past of your life? Weren’t they better and fun in the old times? Is that they have changed for bad? or have you changed for real?

Well, it is something you are acquiring as time passes by, that feeling of better old good times, but what about the new times, new things that makes your life happy now. Why is that?

Boone’s is not making me happy now I must say, their Delicious Apple flavored fruit wine beverage is not tingling my soul like it used to. Has it changed? Have I changed?

Many would agree with me after trying it and many would not, I guess! Its lack of flavor and aromas seem to have been gone with the years, as I try it and keep on trying it, I can’t convince my whole being that this drink gave so many nice feelings which I guess I associated them while drinking it.

Boone’s is actually elaborated and bottled by E&J Gallo Winery in Modesto, California. Here in Ecuador is imported by Quifatex, and sold by any supermarket, liquor store, and convenience store around the country at US$5-6 a very low price relatively speaking comparing with a bottle of nice Chilean wine US$18-35. There are different flavors available but Delicious Apple has always been my favorite… eh not anymore!

As I’m blogging about Boone’s and keep on drinking it to describe as full as possible its characteristics I realize that the bottle is almost empty and I feel those nice memories coming back…..