Thanks Grant’s!!

Contest Prize

Something cool for participating online.

I think it was last October 2010 that I took part of an online contest at Mostly about knowledge of this Whisky brand, and apparently I won. The prize was a couple of their Grant’s printed tumblers, which at first I wouldn’t being able to get them because I live in Ecuador and prize shipping was only within the UK. Gracefully I got the congratulations from Grant’s people personally in an e-mail. I was so excited to know that they care and even took a time to let me know that they were to call Grant’s people in Ecuador to ask them to deliver the prize directly at my mailing address here in Quito. It did not take more than a couple of hours after I got the email when I found out that Grant’s Ecuador was delivering the same day a package containing not only a couple but a dozen of their beautiful tumblers! It made my day, I must say, I’ve never actually won anything by participating at online contests but only once by registering in a lottery site when they sent me a check for an actual One Dollar which would have cost me US$120 to being able to cash it. :(

So I am excited with my new adding to the bar. :)

Thanks Grant’s!